TAC-PAK Military Features & Applications

For the first time, military personnel operating in remote locations have reliable, comprehensive communications capabilities available to them anywhere. The field proven options available in the modular TAC•PAK™ system include:

  • Multi-user field deployed Internet access from single TAC-PAK
  • Multi-radio, worldwide interoperability(ie – SINCCARS to FAC, also laptop and Blackberry radio interfaces)
  • Printer/fax/copier sharing with up to 25 other users
  • Environmentally secure carrying case
  • Rugged Mil-Std-810 compliant laptop computer
  • NSA Type 1 Communication Encryption (NIPR/SIPRNET)
  • ISDN and IP based multi-user videoconferencing
  • Worldwide VSAT and INMARSAT satellite telephones
  • Worldwide GSM cellular telephones
  • Multiple simultaneous RF data lines
  • Local color printer/fax/copier
  • Digital still/video camera
  • Document scanner
  • GPS accepting military maps and coordinate system
  • And more...

For example, within 3 minutes of arriving on a scene via air, land or sea transport, advance units can now:

  • Setup a multi-user shared Internet connection via satellite and/or cellular
  • Capture and transmit video
  • Interconnect site land radios with incoming air assets
  • Connect to a reconfigurable MESH LAN
  • Initiate and receive faxes
  • Print maps and documents
  • Create instant WAN networks
  • And more...

Radio Interoperability

As another example, we can link local VHF/UHF/800Mhz radios together, and also enable them to connect worldwide. With this Option, a Katrina deployed SINCGARS based team could speak locally with the Jefferson Parrish 800Mhz Sheriff department, and simultaneously with a VHF FEMA Team deploying from Washington DC. The TAC-PAK Radio Interop user could also easily expand the network on-site with ANY new radios, even Walmart purchased FRS radios. This Option also enables the TAC-PAK laptop to become a radio interfaced device, and we also have apps for Blackberry and iPhone devices.


The secure, modular TAC•PAK™ command and communication platform assists military forces in numerous diverse applications. In various configurations, the TAC•PAK™ platforms have the capability to receive, reformat, create, store, retrieve, update, manipulate and condense digital data supporting operations such as Asset Protection, Intelligence Operations, Base Operations, Logistics Management, Post Conflict Reconstruction, and more.

The TAC•PAK™ family of rugged modular command and communication systems is an enabling technology. We find our military clients are constantly developing new and innovative uses for the TAC•PAK™ capabilities. Please call us to discuss your rugged field communications requirements.

To custom design a TAC•PAK™ that meets your needs, please view our Military TAC•PAK™ Configurator page.