About 308 Systems

At the vanguard of rugged field operations, 308 SYSTEMS provides forward thinking Mobile Command and Communication solutions to a broad spectrum of commercial, government, and military customers. Serving the needs of all echelons - from the individual military squad and platoon, to the State Emergency Management Agency we develop reliable, field-tested products tailored to the needs of our worldwide clients.

Our products and services include:

  • Custom engineered solutions to meet your specific requirements
  • Mobile communications systems emphasizing interoperability (TAC•PAK™ Briefcase Command/Communications and satellite telephone based applications)
  • Mobile Patient/Asset Tracking systems emphasizing portability and ease of use (TRA•KIT™ Briefcase Patient Tracking System)
  • Instantly operational field warehouse and logistics management systems utilizing RFID and satellite reachback
  • Wireless patient tracking systems hardware integrating your preferred software application.

From our headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado, we have established a legacy of innovation and leadership in developing advanced, integrated communication systems that satisfy the exacting specifications of our military, government and commercial clients.

Our communication solutions allow easy access, protection and exchange of mission and business critical information. In today’s new world, our industry-leading communications and command expertise makes us uniquely capable of delivering secure, integrated communication solutions designed to provide our customers with the rapid, mobile intelligence they need to make real-time, superior decisions.

With over 275 US and International clients, 308 SYSTEMS is everywhere that mission critical wireless mobile solutions need to be:

  • Emergency Services
  • Public Safety
  • Military
  • Field Service
  • Geotechnical
  • Government
  • Asset Protection
  • Insurance
  • Mobile Data

In addition, our services and products are often combined to offer complete project solutions including conceptual system design, creation of technical specifications, hardware and software development, system testing, and on-going maintenance. These technical capabilities are complimented by a focus upon technical excellence, quality products, and uncompromised integrity.