TRA-KIT Military System Description

Designed to support personnel tracking in casualty or refugee situations, the TRA-KIT™ is a multi-user "Briefcase Casualty Tracking Center." Our lightweight, battery powered, man portable patient tracking center also contains a robust communications platform enabling a Battalion Aid Station, Forward Support Medical Company, or higher Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF) to initially identify casualties and to efficiently input and track patient condition and location information. Combined with your preferred Patient Tracking Software, the TRA-KIT™ provides a robust method to account for soldiers, sailors, airmen or marines during mass casualty evacuation.

For Patient Tracking in Combat to Operations Other than War the TRA-KIT™ is Effective for all Services and all Echelons

Using the TRA-KIT™ reachback communications capabilities, your unit can deploy a TRA-KIT™ at a Casualty Collection Point or refugee center, and establish interoperable secure or unsecure communications to Division, Corps MTFs or to the Combat Support Hospital (CaSH).

Customized for your needs, the TRA-KIT™ can easily be operated from a HMMWV (High Mobility Multi- purpose Wheeled Vehicle), Stryker, LAV (Light Armored Vehicle) or Grizzly allowing you to identify casualties and account for them anywhere on the battlefield! Equipped with multiple handheld mobile scanners/PDAs/card swipe/proximity card readers, an aid station, hospital or refugee center can use a single TRA-KIT™ to quickly begin to register patients and document their medical condition by scanning an existing patient ID (bar code, prox card, etc) or use the TRA-KIT™ to create a bar code label.

In the chaos of a mass casualty evacuation the TRA-KIT™ is easy to operate and deploy. The TRA-KIT™ can be used by any type of unit and from any type of vehicle. Deployment of the TRA-KIT™ provides your unit with the following benefits:

  • Functional in Combat to Operations other than war for all services and all echelons!
  • Capable of supporting NiPRNET (Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network) and SiPRNET (Secret Internet Protocol Router Network) communications.
  • Versatile: Monitor movement and information of casualties, evacuees or refugees across services or civilian agencies.
  • Provide accurate advanced notification of incoming casualties, evacuees or refugees.
  • Quickly deployed, will fit in a rucksack main compartment.
  • Interoperable with civilian agencies.
  • Print tracking barcode labels and wristbands.

Whether your unit is responding to a mass casualty event, natural disaster or establishing a refugee center, the TRA-KIT™ can obtain an Internet connection through satellite or cellular telephone connection. Combined with the ruggedized laptop computer and wireless router, a unit can share Internet capability with up to 99 other on- scene users connecting them to their headquarters, hospitals, operations centers or evacuation/refugee centers around the world.

In a mass casualty event a unit can identify personnel using the handheld scanners/PDAs/cardswipe/prox card readers, document their condition and identify their current location. As they are evacuated to other MTFs or hospitals the information can quickly be transmitted un-secure or secure to a receiving unit or the TRA-KIT™ can move with casualties to a new location and down load information there. From triage to release, casualties can now be accurately accounted for across the battlefield and beyond.

Today's military units are responsible for more than Joint interoperability. Now interoperability with civilian agencies and Non-Government Organizations is paramount when deploying for disaster or refugee relief. Military units have to be able to communicate and share data with organizations other than their own service.

308 Systems looks forward to working with you and customizing the TRA-KIT™ to meet your specific operational requirements.

To custom design a TRA-KIT that meets your needs, please view our Military TRA-KIT Configurator page.