TAC-PAK briefcase mobile command system

Mobile Command

For the First Responder and Military Agencies who require comprehensive field command and communications capabilities, our mobile command product line is centered on the custom configured TAC-PAKtm brand of briefcase command centers.

For over 14 years we have been custom engineering TAC-PAK systems to meet our specific client needs.  Each TAC-PAK a self contained “James Bond Briefcase” which mimics a traditional Command Van in functionality while enabling collaborative remote field operations in both local and reachback modes.  Unlike the limitations of a responders simple radio/laptop or vehicle based systems, our TAC-PAK is customized for each Agency from a multitude of options (satphone/cellular Internet, laptop, printer, copy machine, national radio interoperability (ie - connect VHF/UHF/800Mhz radios in New York with other radios in San Diego), 802.11 mesh network with 5 mile reach, sensor packages, HAZMAT software, and more….) integrated into a highly mobile rugged battery powered briefcase package.