TAC-PAK Civilian System Description

Tacpak Mobile Command Firecamp Satellite Data
TAC-PAK Ultra Agile Mobile  Command System

The TAC•PAK™ is a multi-user "Briefcase Command Center". The lightweight, battery powered, man portable communication platform with full wireless communications functionality is integrated into a small suitcase. For example, floating in a rowboat on a lake, multiple TAC•PAK™ users could connect to the Internet at the same time they are receiving a fax while simultaneously connected to the EOC Dispatch LAN.

In another scenario, using the TAC•PAK™ Internet Sharing Option, when deployed to a communications sterile location (i.e.- Katrina), you can configure your TAC•PAK™ to provide wireless Internet access for up to 99 remote users having wireless 802.11 enabled devices (PDA's, laptops, etc). These remote users can also print out operations documents on-site by sharing your networked TAC-PAK printer.

In addition to single TAC•PAK™ applications, a using Agency at a distributed incident could also immediately deploy a multi-user Internet connection and virtual Wide Area Wireless network. Multiple Agency users could then print documents and access the Internet through the TAC•PAK™s LAN and satellite connections, thereby exchanging data throughout the world.

Tacpak Mobile Command Firecamp Satellite Data

The TAC•PAK™ represents a paradigm shift in remote communications by enabling users to perform all traditional emergency incident communications functions out in the field. What we were seeing out in the field was a hodgepodge of communication technologies which were either impossible, expensive, or inconvenient for the typical user to integrate and operate in the field. Our original goal was to integrate the traditional incident communication capabilities into a lightweight and full function communication system capable of being carried by a single person to a remote location such as a hostage situation, brush fire, oil well, natural disaster or construction site. We are pleased to say we surpassed this goal.

The TAC•PAK™ family of modular command/communications systems is an enabling technology. We find users are constantly finding new and innovative uses for the TAC•PAK™ capabilities. The TAC•PAK™ is of real benefit in applications such as Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Bio-terrorism Response, Public Safety, Insurance, Forest Products, Construction, and Oil, where personnel operate off-site and have communications needs with their home agency.