TAC-PAK Civilian Features & Applications

Each Civilian TAC•PAK™ "Briefcase Command Center" is custom engineered to meet your field operational needs. It operates as a multi-user self-contained remote incident command and communications system. Due to its small size and portability, you can take our entire emergency operations to the top of a building, the middle of a lake, or through streets blocked with tornado or hurricane debris, ice, etc. From there, numerous personnel may establish data and operations communications worldwide.

For example, within three minutes of arriving at a remote site such as a mountaintop search and rescue site or geographically distributed bioterrorism incident, government and corporate personnel can perform functions such as:

  • Setup a multi-user(up to 25 people) shared satellite and cellular Internet connection
  • Link VHF/UHF/800MHz radios locally AND national/worldwide with others on laptop/iPhone/Blackberries
  • Setup non-LOS INMARSAT and VSAT satellite connections
  • Share the TAC-PAK printer/copier/fax with up to 25 other users
  • Video Conference with ISDN and IP based sites
  • Capture and transmit video
  • Connect to a LAN or deploy a regional WAN
  • Initiate and receive faxes
  • Create maps and documents
  • Print, copy and distribute paper documents
  • And more...

In addition to these capabilities, our modular design approach enables us to effortlessly tailor TAC•PAK™ components and functionality to meet your specific needs. Optional components include:

  • Easy to operate
  • Environmentally secure carrying case
  • Worldwide radio interoperability
  • Worldwide power operation
  • Local source AC and DC power generation
  • Rugged laptop computers
  • Videoconferencing
  • Satellite telephones
  • Cellular telephones
  • Local color printer, fax machine, copy machine
  • Digital still/video camera
  • HAZMAT and Incident Command software
  • GPS mapping and positioning
  • Extended battery operations
  • And more...

Please note, the TAC•PAK™ is easily configurable to meet your specific agency needs and ruggedization requirements. For example, we wireless networked 12 together for the Florida Department of Emergency Services, installed backpacking straps for transport via dirt bike for the CARE organization, and installed satellite videoconferencing for the US Army Corps of Engineers deployed in Israel, Bosnia and Afghanistan. We would be happy to work with you and develop a customized configuration utilizing the experiences of past clients in similar situations.

Radio Interoperability

As another example, we can link local VHF/UHF/800Mhz radios together, and also enable them to connect worldwide. With this Option, a Katrina deployed SINCGARS based team could speak locally with the Jefferson Parrish 800Mhz Sheriff department, and simultaneously with a VHF FEMA Team deploying from Washington DC. The TAC-PAK Radio Interop user could also easily expand the network on-site with ANY new radios, even Walmart purchased FRS radios. This Option also enables the TAC-PAK laptop to become a radio interfaced device, and we also have apps for Blackberry and iPhone devices.


The TAC•PAK™ "Briefcase Command Center" concept enables government and commercial agencies to deploy a full command/communications capability to any site, including those not accessible via traditional vehicles such as the third floor of a building or a debris blocked street. A brief summary of representative TAC•PAK™ user applications can be found to the right.

To custom design a TAC•PAK™ that meets your needs, please view our Civilian TAC•PAK™ Configurator page.