TAC-PAK Military System Description

TAC-PAK Ultra Agile Mobile  Command System

In military trim, the Tactical Command Package (TAC•PAK™) family of command/communication systems function as a secure, rugged Command and Communication flyaway kit. Current information is of crucial importance to the Military Commander in both battle and post conflict reconstruction. Military operations are largely dependent on the availability of accurate information in order to arrive at quick decisions for operational orders. The TAC•PAK™ family of modular command and communications capabilities plays a pivotal role in military.

In regional conflicts, rapid deployment and flexible response imposes a heavy burden on military commanders, their staff and supporting systems to keep up-to-date regarding the operation activities. Collecting and transferring data within a battle space is crucial to operational success in activities as diverse as battlefield operations, mission briefing and communications planning, logistics management and command control. The TAC•PAK™, in various configurations, is designed to meet these diverse needs.

Present warfare includes operations involving combined forces and an integrated approach to evaluating the battle area and mobilizing logistics, moving various forces and creating communication networks. The TAC•PAK™ enables military command to acquire information fast and use it immediately to obtain an advantageous position in both wartime and peacetime. This has been amply demonstrated during the military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Tacpak Mobile Command Firecamp Satellite Data

The lightweight, battery powered, soldier portable TAC•PAK™ is integrated into a small environmentally sealed case and can be configured to meet the needs of all military echelons, from platoon to division. For example, the United States Army Corps of Engineers has deployed multiple TAC•PAK™s supporting operations in Israel, Bosnia and Afghanistan. These systems contain a fully ruggedized laptop computer, military GPS mapping, satellite telephone based videoconferencing capability, and more.

Our auto-ranging power supplies can be connected to any military power source from 90 to 240Vac and 10 to 34Vdc, in addition to available solar panels. When external power is not available, the TAC•PAK™ can be operated via an internal long life battery.

Both single TAC•PAK™ deployments, and multiple TAC•PAK™ networks support military unit field operations. In a single deployment, the TAC•PAK™ is utilized by military personnel to provide instantaneous operational support locally with secure worldwide reach back. Multiple TAC•PAK™ networks may be deployed which allow secure MESH Wireless Area Networking over a regional operation.

To custom design a TAC•PAK™ that meets your needs, please view our Military TAC•PAK™ Configurator page.