Mobile Networking

Networked communications that are extremely agile, portable, capable and customized.

In order to establish and prosecute a successful incident or tactical operation, Field Command and First Responder personnel have an immediate need for on-site voice and data communications. First responders must rapidly establish on-site command and control centers to coordinate their operations. Field Command requires the ability to quickly deploy(and then agilely re-deploy) tactical and strategic communication systems.

308 SYSTEMS Mobile Networking products are designed as intuitive and easy to deploy nodes within both the strategic and tactical incident theaters. Our VSAT/BGAN/cellular systems are designed to offer the Field Commander comprehensive access to voice and data communications for local interaction with air and ground assets, in addition to the ability to interact with Command Staff at a geographically distant location. Our systems also support First Responder Command with similar communications capabilities focused on interacting with organic resources as well as complementary responding agency personnel.

We offer multiple system configurations that are briefcase portable, self-contained, converged voice/data, secure, and extremely flexible. Each Mobile Networking system is custom configured to meet your specific Agency need!