The 308 SYSTEMS NET-PAK™ family of mobile networking products are custom configured to provide you with an extremely portable, self contained voice/data system in a briefcase form factor. We understand your missions demand easily transportable communications solutions that are quick to deploy. Our systems are designed to provide robust, first-in networked communications via satellite and cellular infrastructure.

As a premier provider of secure, converged networks for Military and First Responder agencies worldwide, 308 SYSTEMS offers customizable, fully-integrated, mobile networking solutions. Our NETPAK solution suite delivers temporary VSAT/BGAN/cellular/802.11 netowrk communications wherever needed. Single systems will support smaller mission deployments, whereas multiple NETPAKs can be deployed to support extended and/or larger incidents.

Our innovative solutions provide the theater commander or First Responder with the ability to quicly and effortlessly establish high-speed, self-contained, voice/data centric IP networks. Within minutes of arrival at an incident or operation, NET-PAK™ users can provide data, telephony, video and Internet connectivity over wireless or wired links. These networks are:

  • Redundant – multiple levels of local and reachback communication are available
  • Portable – all NET-PAK™ systems fit into a typical briefcase package, and can easiliby be deployed/stowed, supporting an agile operation
  • Cost Effective - Each system is designed with the users O&M budget considerations, we understand the importance of life cycle engineering
  • Rugged – go ahead, bang our systems around. We design all systems to survive the real world “overnight courier delivery test”
  • Reliable – the highest capacity field equipment is useless if un-reliable, we have over 13 years experience designing systems to meet the harsh field conditions experience by Field Command and First Responders
  • Simple to Use – all systems are designed with a simplified user interface, and also come with integral video help files which are easy to acces in the field, thus eliminating the need for extensive user training
  • Converged – To enhance applicability, each NET-PAK is designed to utilize the benefits of multi-mode technology within a single case
  • Flexible – Our solutions integrate wired and wireless local connectivity(802.11, cellular), with wireless reachback bandwidth(satellite, cellular)
  • Interoperable – the on-scene command cannot be sure what radio resources will be present, our systems enable multiple radio resources to be linked on-site, thus helping to ensure a successful mission outcome
  • NIPR/SIPRNet - access to these networks has historically been at the Brigade level, we can now offer similar access to the Field Command staff

With over 25 options to choose from, we are confident our engineering staff can design a robust communication system meeting your specific needs. For example, a typical NET-PAK™ configuration may include a lightweight, battery powered, soldier portable system with universal auto-ranging power supply, BGAN satellite telephone, 802.11b/g/n local network, wired local netowork, “triple-pipe” cellular router, multi-mile 802.11a MESH network, and an IP videoconferencing link.

To custom design a NET-PAK ™ that meets your needs, please view our NET-PAK ™ Configurator page.