US Forces are frequently required to deploy into OCONUS sites in support of deterrence operations. Successful deployment hinges upon accurate and timely communications both in-theater and backhauled connectivity to remote command sites.  The current ultra-agile backhaul satcom capabilities are insufficient to meet the agile command needs of the modern mission requirements.

Legacy systems are slow, difficult to deploy, lack agile and flexible redundancies, and do not take advantage of current state of art communications technology.  In addition, the evolving TACSAT/RoIP user needs may vary widely. Existing communications systems are incapable of fully utilizing the technology advances which are currently available.

As a result, 308 SYSTEMS has developed the TACSAT/RoIP kit. This system will lead US Forces into the 21st century and enable utilization of state of the art integrated communications capabilities required to meet today’s field user requirements.

Although each system is custom configured, common TACSAT/RoIP topology attributes include multi-radio, multi-user connectivity, including RoIP and worldwide data interconnect.  Our TACSAT/RoIP Kit includes these significant features/capabilities:

  • Reliable design evolving from over 1,300 proven legacy systems
  • Compact , attractive, easily deployed, rugged design in custom colors/labeling
  • Battery/90-260AC/9-36DC auto-sensing power supply
  • Integration of up to three additional data/imagery devices
  • Easy implementation of optional communication vectors such as worldwide radio interoperability
  • Multiple in-theater powered 120VAC and 12vDC outlets for charging PDAs, cell phones and other small devices
  • Inclusion of 5 level battery charge indicator
  • Provision of DC power to dual PRC-152 radios during 5hr operation period
  • 24/7 help desk with additional direct tech cellular phone number
  • Solar panels, extra battery capacity, internal AC/DC power outlets
  • External battery connectors (BB2590,etc)
  • Remote monitoring of battery life and system temperature
  • Field changeable power supply output voltages

Radio Operation:
The AN/PRC-152 radios can be operated indefinitely while mounted in our battery eliminator mount. This mount provides charging and power for the radios while in operation. Multiple antennas are provided to enable desired frequency operations. In addition, we supply dual “coat pocket” satcom antennas and associated power and cabling to enable deployment up to 50ft from the TACSAT/RoIP Kit. Amplified antenna power is provided by small in-line RF amplifiers. We are also able to charge a spare AN/PRC-152 battery within the TACSAT/RoIP Kit.

RoIP Operation:
Radio to VoIP operations are supported by the IP gateways. Three of these gateways enable creation of 6 frequency independent radio networks. VoIP modes include SIP, RTP, Multicast and Unicast operation. This topology enables accessing, interconnecting & operating two radios from the rugged laptop. TACSAT/RoIP users are able to talk with Land Mobile Radios and other interoperability systems. Easily control multiple iP2 systems with simple click of the mouse.

POWER Module:
The heart of our TACSAT/RoIP topology is our innovative uninterruptible power supply(UPS) POWER Module. This module is built into the case and is evolved from our proven power supplies deployed in over 1,300 similar systems. The auto-sensing/auto-switching POWER Module enables TACSAT/RoIP operation under either external 110/220VAC or 9-36vDC power. The varied power sources can be wall power, generator power, commercial/military vehicle power, solar panels, etc.

The POWER Module accepts the external power, conditions it, and distributes it to meet the varied needs of the TACSAT/RoIP routers/switches/encryption/network acceleration components.  Another unique capability is the ability of the field user to change output voltages in the field, which can then be used to power additional equipment.  The POWER Module also charges and monitors internal battery charge. A convenient LED visual indicator indicates charge state in 20% increments.