What Our Client's Have To Say

"Thought you might like to now that one of our tacpaks was deployed to Florida.  We sent a team of six to assist with hurricane Charlie disaster relief efforts and they worked in the DeSoto County EOC coordinating logistics, mass care issues, incident action planning.  The tacpak was a big hit - both from our team members that used it and the others in the EOC that saw it in action.  Attached are some pictures from Desoto County EOC.  Around the unit are members of the RI team and New Mexico State Police.  Both RI and New Mexico were deployed to Desoto County under EMAC, the Emerg Mgt Assistance Compact. Never thought we would deploy the tacpap out of state, but it certainly came in handy."

Rhode Island National Guard

"I am the WMD Program Assistant working in the Command Surgeon's Office in the Bioenvironmental Engineering Branch at Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, VA. We have purchased a few products from your company and are very satisfied."

U.S. Air Force CBRNE/WMD Program


"I talked with one of your guys, and he directed me to the videos on the laptop. I don't know who designed that into the package, but they are a genius. Our users are happy with the videos and are going to use them as the basis for their training on the TACPAK system."

Pope Air Force Base


"We love the TAC-PAK, you guys rock!"

Air Force Patient Transportation Command


"Glad to see you have done so well. Under domestic security programs here in FL we purchased TacPacs for many agencies for Health, PIOs and others. We have 17 here at FDEM. We now use high speed satellite data systems and hub 10-20 systems together on one system via wired and wireless and use VoIP phones so the cell phone is not used. Alternatives continue to be Aircards for limited connectivity if towers are up. All our systems are about 4-5 years old now and pretty used. I still recommend TacPacs to agencies where it is the logical solution."

Florida Division of Emergency Management


"We currently have the TAC-PAK commander and it works excellent for us"

Connecticut Department of Corrections


"I am also listing the names of the persons that I dealt with for our equipment, they worked directly with me from start to finish with customization, production, shipment and receipt. They are excellent people and will give you just about anything you need concerning their equipment and the needs of your unit."

US Army Corps of Engineers


"We have used the system on several occasions, during mostly search and rescue actions. The System worked wonderful. Not only did it give use communication ability it allowed us to download maps of specific areas and print them out. The communication line was open and communications was easy. With the computer we were able to have our local database on the system and use it to check out important information. Being in a extremely rural area the addition of the satellite phone was great. The system is easy to set up and we were able to become operational in minutes. I recommend this system to any agency that may have the need to run a command post from a no-conventional location. Support service has been wonderful and timely."

US Army Military Police


"I acquired this new Tac-Pak so that I could take an older version and give it to another agency to better prepare our region with deployment coverage. I use my system at almost every media call-out I respond to. It has come in very handy for several emergency issues, to include plane crashes and the subsequent search, homicide cases and the like."

St. Johns County Sheriff's Department


"THANKS! The kits are vital to us when we travel" "THANKS Mark! You've been great with your support in our efforts."

National Guard Bureau


"Well, we got the case it looks great like your usual work..."

West Valley City Fire


"I received teh TAC-PAK yesterday.  It truly is a great piece of equipment"

City of West Plains Emergency Management


"The TAC-PAK is great and the training we received from Ben Meche was top notch.  Thanks again for everything."

Sandoval County Emergency Management


"The TAC-PAK is extremely versatile and it will not only be used by the fire department, but also by police, EMT's and other emergency responders.  When I found out we were getting it, I literally jumped for joy."

Schrewsbury Fire Department

"The TAC-PAK worked wonderfully when implemented by TR"

Team Rubicon NGO Response Agency

"Thanks a million for your help. We are very appreciative of you going beyond what is required to assist us. I will be looking forward to the web sites to review the operational procedures for our TAC PAK."

National Guard Bureau