Satellite Backhaul

308 SYSTEMS industry-leading mobile communication expertise makes us uniquely capable of delivering technologies, products and systems. One of the greatest technical and operational challenges that many agencies face is getting mobile systems and technologies to work together. You can't afford to waste time or money struggling with incompatible or non-operational solutions. It takes engineering knowledge and the ability to manage a complex development. We manage virtually every aspect of your mobile communication challenges. No matter what it takes, 308 SYSTEMS brings it together so your people can focus on what they do best.  For a comprehensive summary of all satphone systems please view our Satellite Systems Summary document.




SATPAK Beyond-line of Sight (BLOS) satellite connectivity SATPAK Beyond-line of Sight (BLOS) satellite connectivity basecamp.SATPAK Beyond Line Of Sight(BLOS) satellite connectivity Military teams and First Responders rarely get the chance to choose where their services will be needed. Many times deployment comes with uncertainty about unknown communications infrastructure. Learn More >>





SAT-ON-THE-MOVESAT on the moveSAT-ON-THE-MOVE First Responder and Military field deployments present multiple communication challenges prior to arriving at the operational location. Learn More >>






Inmarsat BGanInmarsat BGanINMARSAT BGAN 308 SYSTEMS provides Inmarsat based BGAN satellite telephones manufactured by both Cobham and Hughes. Learn More >>







Handheld SatphoneGlobal Satellite PhoneHandheld Satphones The Globalstar and Iridium are two handheld satellite phones that work anywhere in the world. Larger than a typical mobile phone, but still small enough to
carry in a backpack.  Learn More >>







VsatVsatVSAT VSAT satellite systems offer the highest bandwidth data connections ranging from 128Kbps to 6Mbps.  Learn More >>